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At Toll Brothers, we build more than homes; we build communities.

Throughout the past two and a half years, we've met with civic organizations, community leaders, and residents to help make this new community a great addition to the progressive city of Ann Arbor. 

We are excited to begin work and look forward to a busy summer. Below is a summary of the anticipated schedule.

The Scheduled Work:

Site development for both the North and South sections will occur simultaneously, though one may lag behind the other 1 to 2 weeks due to logistics. Below is a general schedule of what to expect throughout the summer and into the fall season. Note that during the site development stage, there will be continuous operation of heavy equipment. This will greatly diminish as we enter the selling/building phase of the development. Please pardon our dust while we build this great addition to the Ann Arbor community.

June 2016:

The initial stages of site construction begin with such activities as: permit posting, mowing, silt fence installation and equipment mobilization.

These activities will be followed by de-brushing of the site and tree clearing in permitted areas of construction.

Site balancing and grading will be the next step and will last throughout the month of June and into the middle of July. 

July – August 2016:

The site grading will continue into July which will be followed by the installation of underground sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water systems. This “underground” stage will continue for 6 weeks, currently projected to completed in early September.

September 2016:

Paving activities are scheduled to commence during the month of September. These activities will involve heavy equipment for the installation of the road base, curbs and subsequent paving.

The paving of the roads is currently scheduled for mid-October.

October 2016:

As preparation for paving continues, site and entryway landscaping will commence and continue throughout the month of October.

Our Approved Site Plan

Our Approved Site Plan

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